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The idea of dressing up as a pimp daddy sends shivers down the spine of a lot of people. This is mostly due to the fact that the word pimp was used for agents for prostitutes who used to collect some part of their earnings. This is precisely the reason why a lot of people feel uncomfortable with the idea of dressing up as a pimp. However, in the Halloween costumes context, the pimp daddy costume just signifies a bold fashion statement; remember, it is just a costume.

Costumes like vampire, witches, and ghosts are very common place. You surely don’t want to go to party dressed as a vampire only to find 10 more vampires already there. Instead, think how cool it would be to dress up in a pimp daddy costume with a peculiar outfit and jewellery all over. This would be one look which would be original and unique.

Welcome to PimpDaddyCostume.Com, where turning your fake swagger on is as easy as shopping for the perfect pimp daddy costume!  Yes, it is true that the word pimp actually refers to a man who sells the services of prostitutes for a living.  But regardless of what the word means, modern pimp daddy style has nothing to do with that sort of shady behavior, and everything to do with being a fashion stallion!  The pimp daddy costume is a rocking costume that will have you turning the heads of every little chicka on the street.

In true pimp fashion, the pimp daddy costume is over the top.  There are a number of pimp daddy costumes for you to choose from, and we can point you to most of them!  When you think of pimp daddy costume options, think “outrageous” and “off the chain” and you’ll be thinking the right way!  The pimp daddy costume makes you look like the biggest stud to ever make it out of the ghetto ‘on the for real’.

When choosing a pimp daddy costume, the most common option will be a loud and flashy two piece suit that might look like it is a flash back to the crazy seventies (and some are).  Your costume might be a bright color like pink, orange, yellow, or purple, or it might be accentuated by patterns like animal prints – cheetah, zebra, and tiger – or some other wild print.

Accessories to choose when going for a decked out pimp daddy costume look include:

-          Bling.  Bling means jewelry, and pimps wear a lot of it.  Make sure that you include lots of pimped out bling with your outfit.  This means lots of gold around the neck, gold earrings, oversized gold rings, and more.  This can, of course, be fake gold.

-          Grill. We’re not talking about a grill that you use for frying hamburgers or chicken. No self-respecting pimp (or person dressed in a pimp daddy costume) would ever be seen without his grill.  A grill is simply a blinged out mouth piece of custom teeth that are made with precious metals. You can buy a grill if you don’t already own one, and don’t worry – the fake ones don’t cost a lot!

-          Flashy hat.  Every pimp daddy costume needs a flashy hat.  Go for hats that are oddly shaped, odd colors, flashy colors, or that are embellished with jewels or feathers.

Flashy boots.  Get an authentic look with your pimp daddy costume with flashy pimp daddy boots.  You will find most pimp daddy costumes are available with matching or recommended boots!

The pimp daddy costumes are not just easy to wear, but also very comfortable and easy to assemble. You can easily buy a pimp daddy costume online complete with all needed accessories. Moreover, they are quite affordable and are not going to cost you a fortune.

Pimp daddy costumes are available in many different varieties. You can always window shop or browse through different styles to choose the one you find best for yourself. Since there are so many different varieties of the costume available, there are remote chances that you would find one dressed up in an exactly same costume in the Halloween party.

However, beware of walking around a busy street in a pimp costume; someone may mistake you to be a real pimp. You definitely don’t want to carry your pimp identity too far.

Accessorizing Your Costume

You’ll be pimpin’ when you accessorize your pimp daddy costume with the right options! All pimp daddies know that the jewelry makes the man, so be sure to get your fake bling ready before you don your costume. This includes jewelry and chains, rings, bracelets, and even a ‘grill’ to put in your mouth. A fitting grill is one that says ‘pimpin’, spelled out right across your smacker in big fake gold letters! Other accessories include wild and brightly colored shoes and hats – the wilder the design, the brighter the colors, the better!

Measuring for Your Costume

You’ve heard it said that pimpin’ ain’t easy, right? This is doubly true if your pimp daddy costume doesn’t fit you like a glove. You want to be comfortable when you’re out on the street, doing your ‘bidness’. This means ordering the right size. To do this, take your measurements carefully, including your waist and inseam measurements, chest measurements and your hips measurement. Compare your figures to the pimpin’ size chart in the product listing to see if your threads will be a good fit for you. If not, pick a size larger cause all pimps like to ‘be sagging’ to show their street credit, right?

This Halloween how about stepping out in a Pimp Daddy costume? It’s loud, it’s colorful and it could get you noticed from the moon. The fashion is generally outrageous with loud colors, lots of fake jewelry and a swagger to boot. In fact, if you are on the heavier side and have a towering presence, then this is the costume for you. You could opt for a suit which is a throwback to the 70s – choose colors that are considered silly – orange, green, yellow or even purple for that matter. Add a bit of pizzazz to the costume by using some leopard paint on it. Or else go in for the cheetah or the tiger.

Pimp Daddy Halloween Costume

The only meaning of the word “pimp daddy” is not a man involved in dirty work, as is widely thought; it also means a bold fashion style. Pimp daddy costumes are a fun choice to wear for Halloween.

There are more than one reasons of why you should dress up as a pimp daddy this Halloween. Halloween is a time when you get out of your usual comfort zone and try something different and spectacular. A Pimp daddy costume perfectly fits into this scenario. With outlandish outfit and studded jewelleries, the costume is anything but ordinary.

Agreed that getting into wild zone is an out of ordinary idea, however that doesn’t mean that you should compromise with comfortability.  The pimp daddy costume passes this test also with flying colours. Unlike other costumes that make use of heavy props and other fake materials, pimp daddy costume is made from a comfortable velvet cloth and includes an undershirt, mostly made out of silk like material.

Given the wide variety of pimp daddy costumes that are available, you are sure to find a perfect suit appropriate for your individual needs. This also makes for the fact that you wouldn’t bump into another person in Halloween party wearing an exactly same suit as yourself. The fact that pimp daddy costumes are not so much popular common outfit for Halloween, only gives you one more reason to opt for them this season.

Pimp daddy costumes are unique costumes and you can expect a lot of compliments from the crowd. There would be many women out there who would be allured by your loud and bold outfit. However, remember it is just a costume, don’t get into the real character of a pimp daddy.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy…but dressing like one makes for an interesting conversation with the ladies.

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